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Another convert to…

…sous vide cooking.  The young son of a friend recently was given a sous vide cooker for his birthday.  His very first attempt at a ribeye steak (grass fed if not Thistle Hill) was a smashing success.

Ribeye Steak
Photo by Stephen DeCelle

Incidentally, if you’re one of those who prefer your meat more well done. Your just increase the settings

We were late to using the sous vide method.  Son-in-law Curt introduced it to Thistle Hill about two years ago.  Being a traditionalist,  it took awhile for me to be converted but there’s no doubt this technique of slow-cooking guarantees a perfect steak every time!

Heating in water results in a more tender, moist steak evenly cooked.  Grandson Church likes to marinate the meat first overnight…but this young man is a chef after my own heart…just a dash of salt and pepper and get cookin’!  

PS:  but still,for that old-time feeling nothing can compare with cooking over a fire with a group of friends, adult beverages in hand!  And for that you best have a Thistle Hill steak.  Give Church a call!


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