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Not an approaching storm…

…but an approaching lime truck. Our pH averaged about 5.8 across the farm and we decided to bring it back up over 6.0. We’re adding one to two tons of dolomitic lime per acre…depending on what soil testing revealed. I think this is the best investment you can make in a pasture. It not only […]

Remember, the answer lies in the soil….

When we first moved to Dallas, we had an English gardener, Patrick Butterworth, who ended every letter, birthday card, and bill with the above phrase. Over time I have come to appreciate how incredibly apt this phrase describes so many systems, from the human body and how well it heals, to the garden, to the […]

Beware “settled science”….

….I do try to stay away from politics here…there’s enough everywhere else.  But with the increasing dogmatism (okay, fascism) in academia today it seems clear a lot of people are going to get hurt in the name of “settled science”.  All thought and speech really is being regulated now among the “educated”….and the rest of us will soon […]

If you read only one thing today….

….it’s this on the jockeying for new nutrition guidelines.  And if time is limited read the last paragraph. Or if it’s really limited, here’s the last paragraph: There’s no shortage of lessons here, well beyond this food fight. Even when everyone’s intentions are good, politics can get in the way of science. Scientists are not […]

I’ve lost track…..

….of the number of food warnings…and the many nutrition advisories…that have turned out to be dead wrong.  We lucky we’ve survived the advice of the experts.  Here’s the latest:

So you want to live forever….

….or at least longer? Our good friend Bill Roberts, of 12 Stones Grasslands Beef, is justifiably proud of his son, Will, who has already made a name for himself in the field of physical fitness.  Will has survived more than one Iron Man competition, trained professional athletes, and owns a health spa. In a recent […]

Sugar is still the problem….

….just when I thought I had cut out sugar in all its variations, along comes Dr. Joseph Mercola with nutritionist J.J. Virgin to tell me I’ve barely begun!

Driving a steak (sic) through the heart….

….of the fat and cholesterol nonsense. This week’s Dr. Joseph Mercola column sums up all the recent research on saturated fats and cholesterol and concludes we’ve been “had”.  Natural saturated fats are great for you….and so are high cholesterol numbers!  What? The real villain, of course, is sugar! So who sold us the bill of goods?  […]

A list of what’s ailing us….

….a list of the major factors impacting our health.  When you read the list, you can’t help wonder if “Experts” should be at the top. And then of course there’s eggs.  They must be killers!  

Coping with the cold….

….hasn’t quite been the proverbial “piece of cake”.  Wooz has done pretty well and of course I’m inside the tractor.  Here she checks our first-calf heifers to see how they withstood below zero temperatures the night before. When it gets this cold we do relent and give the young ladies some grain….not only to stay […]