Making it hard on us…

by David

…this veteran cow went to the farthest point of the farthest pasture to have her calf.

Dam X2a
Photo by Church Humphries

Riparian areas are great—and we have them all over Thistle Hill—but it makes it tough to find new calves.  The mothers are often no help…looking in a direction away from their baby, I’m sure to mislead us!

This dam, X2a, has since moved all the way around the herd and some distance away in the other direction…the baby bull trotting right along.  After a few days when she’s sure she has her baby well-disciplined, X2a will rejoin her herd.

And Carolyn just brought up something I had forgotten…when it came time to have her baby X2a sought out an earlier daughter…so X2a calved right next to her daughter and granddaughter.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the “2s”