Perfect for summer grilling…

by David

…just in time for your family cookout: Thistle Hill steaks, ribs and burgers.

Thistle Hill Farm Beef - photo by Church
Photo by Church Humphreys

For the first time we’re offering individual packages…no longer only bulk sales! You owe it to your family to try delicious, healthful grass fed Devon beef.

Our animals are raised and finished without supplements, pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics.

Hamburger is wrapped in individual one-pound packages for just $7.50/pound. Steaks start at $15/pound. Yes, and there are bulk discounts!

Farm pickup weekends and by appointment. Email ahead and your order will be waiting but we urge you to allow some time to look around.

Fun for the kids and you’ll learn why Thistle Hill meat is simply better. Also checkout our pig pasture. Yes, pastured, acorn-fattened pork is coming soon, too!

Thistle Hill Farm complete price list. Or call or write Church at (214) 802-1283 or