A Traditional Devon update….

by David

….20140308_56just back from a trip to South Carolina and Georgia, looking at the latest British imports.  This heifer is two weeks old, a product of Essington’s Buttercup and our herd bull, Millennium Falcon.  Essington has been closed down now so we’re fortunate to have saved genetics from that grand old herd developed by Brian Drake.

She and five sisters and brothers will be raised at Doyle Unruh’s farm in Georgia and will play an important role in our project to save British Devon genetics here in America.

image001For this one, you’ll have to click on the picture.  Some of our older British animals were gracing the pastures of our partners Bill and Nancy Walker at Walker Century Farms in South Carolina.  The two bull calves are by Falcon out of Goldings Norah and Buttercup.  The bred heifer is one of our first: a Tilbrook Cashtiller daughter by Cutcombe Jaunty.