To the barricades….

by David

….there are times when I think I could be a revolutionary.  Mostly those are times when I hear about the latest outrage perpetrated by chemical giant, Monsanto.

It’s hard to imagine a more powerful, more destructive company on the planet.  Their genetic engineering—all government-sanctioned—and their ability to skirt any real scientific review is without parallel.

We’ve detailed many times their influence in Washington (and it has made no difference whether a Republican or Democrat is in charge).  While other countries have been careful to keep a lid on genetically engineered foods, Monsanto has had free reign with its willing accomplices in the government and universities.

One of the articles of faith in GMO-land is that genetically modified foods have the same nutritional profile as standard products.

Well here’s a study that contradicts that.  One example:  the calcium in genetically-modified corn.  Calcium:  14 ppm.  Regular corn: 6,130 ppm.   That’s just calcium.  All the good stuff has a similar profile.  More critically, so does the bad stuff.

Read the link and see if you want to join me at the barricade!