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The class of ‘21…

…welcomed to the Perrine’s nearby Slainte farm by the year around dog in charge, Molly.  This group of 14 includes both heifers and steers.

Class of '21
Photo by Mary Perrine

The Perrines and their neighbors, the Ferro’s, have been taking our young calves for a number of years.  That larger calf to the right is a Devon-Senepol cross…a testimony to the magnifying effect of heterosis or out-crossing.

The mama cows remain at Thistle Hill and they’ll be delivering new babies in about two months.  Separating these calves enables us to bring bulls to the main herd for rebreeding.

Incidentally these calves aren’t the entire class of ‘21.  There are another 7 that have moved under the care of Joan Fleck, a well-known Virginia horsewoman.  We’ve said many times that Thistle Hill could not provide the quality seedstock we do without the help of our neighbors.

This is the time of the year to strengthen your herd with Thistle Hill genetics…from open young heifers, to heifers bred to a choice of bulls, to young cow/calves to three-in-ones!  You can also supplement your meat program with one of our grass fed steers.


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