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Closing the circle…

Thistlehill Farm - Bribery

Bribery is her name and we spotted her grand dam on our first visit to Ashott Barton farm in England 10 years ago.  The breeder, Shiamala Comer, didn’t want to submit her best cow to the rigors of flushing.

Fast forward 5 years and on our last trip to England , Wooz and Church convinced Shiamala to part with two heifers, one Bribery’s daughter.

What followed then was a convoluted journey to overcome England’s export ban.  In brief, we sold the heifers to a friendly English cattleman…flushed them…bought back the embryos…and shipped them to Thistle Hill to implant in our cows.

And here stands the result…our Bribery, in an unbroken line from the legendary English herd Champson, now two months away from delivering her first calf. 


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