Red Rubies….

by David

…that’s what our British colleagues call them…often leaving off the “Devon”.

Mom and SonOur most recent pure English arrival reminded us again of the beautiful deep ruby red color of the traditional Devon.

We use different tags for our English herd though I’m not sure why. Hide color identifies the English animals long before you’re close enough to read the tags.

We began the English acquisitions initially to strengthen our Rotokawa-Lenoir Creek-Lakota genetics.  Developing an entirely traditional Devon herd came later.

 Descendant of the champion English cow Tilbrook Cashtiller.This is what we were looking for: a descendant of the champion English cow Tilbrook Cashtiller.

The American side of the pedigree is all Rotokawa/Lakota.

Clearly that deep ruby red color is dominant. Now can this young cow equal her grandmother, who produced the top selling bull at three straight English National bull sales?!