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The proof is in….

….the progeny! Traditional Devon™ Churchill continues to turn out splendid calves both here at Thistle Hill and at Bill and Nancy Walker’s Century Farms at Anderson, South Carolina….where this young lady is pictured. Churchill was the very first embryo calf we imported six years ago and he’s had trial runs now at both farms.  Today […]

A first time for everything….

….Traditional Devon’s™ Churchill presented us with a new problem the other day.  He had been dehorned several years ago but for some reason the “stump” had splintered and we found him in the pasture this way…an ugly sight but he didn’t seem particularly disturbed. We first thought one of two younger bulls had gotten into a […]

Lord of the manor….

….THF Jackpot, (below) winding up this year’s tour of duty.  His calves from last fall are far enough along now that we can safely say they’re the best we’ve seen so far. It’s almost as though he was saying “don’t forget about me” in response to all the attention we’ve showered on the English bull, TDA Churchill. […]

But can TDA Churchill “stamp” his progeny….

  ….it would appear so. TDA™ Churchill 01….son of the great English champion Cashtiller….has now been used selectively on a few cows in our herd.  Here’s the result.  The dam is THF Wonderful W64 . Traditional Devon™ was formed to import pure English genetics into the American herd….to provide a choice for a breed that […]

Recent arrivals…

….at Thistle Hill. In the background, an English Traditional Devon™ heifer just brought up from the recip farm in Georgia.  She’s a Cashtiller/Jaunty 8-month old beauty.  In the foreground, a ™bull calf born here a few weeks ago to TDA 4.  And the sire was Ashott-Barton Falcon. Here’s where it gets complicated, so pay attention:  […]

So far, so good…..

….our Traditional Devon America™ bull, Churchill, has a second calf to his credit.  She’s a day-old in this picture, the daughter of a Senepol/Devon cross heifer. The birth was easy (easy for me to say)….we saw the heifer go into labor…drove back across the street to get a tag…and the calf was actually already on […]


….testing.  We have bred three of our Traditional Devon™ America English bulls to American cows now….part of developing a track record on our imported genetics. Here are two by either TDA Churchill or TDA Wellington….we’re not sure which…the DNA people aren’t even sure.  We hadn’t anticipated that problem dealing with flush mates.  But we’re sure […]

Passing the early test….

….as we mentioned before we have used our first Traditional Devon America bulls in a limited way both here and at Walker Century Farms in South Carolina.  We want to gather data on performance not only with other English cows but various American lines. This was the result in the early morning yesterday…a first calf […]

Another milestone….

…another successful experiment. We decided to try our English traditional Devon bulls on a few of our heifers…here at Thistle Hill and in South Carolina.  And yesterday afternoon, without any warning, came the result:  a heifer calf by a fairly small heifer.  Delivered without problem. The problem is we’re not sure which bull is the […]

Where to begin….

….well, to coin a phrase, “start at the beginning”.  Posting has been non-existent for almost a month, but not because there’s been nothing to report.  It’s breeding season and Wooz here discusses strategy with our vet, Dr. Monica O’Brien. AI comes first, and we’re using two sires across some of our best cows:  Traditional Devon’s […]