Breakfast at Thistle Hill…

by David

Thistle Hill Farm - Churchill

…and Churchill qualifies as an “eager eater”!

He’s also the senior bull in our herd…still active in his 10th year.  Churchill is descended from the great Tilbrook Cashtiller who along with Cutcombe Jaunty were the first building blocks of our traditional pure English Devon herd.

And here’s another good-looking herdmate, Essington, from Brian Drake’s former Essington Park herd.

Thistle Hill Farm - Eddington

Essington has been used on the bulk of our herd for two years now and we think his calf crop this year may well be Thistle Hill’s finest ever.

If you’ve been wanting to introduce something special into your herd, we suggest you contact Church to inspect Essington’s progeny…male and female!