You can take the farm…

by David

…but then you know the old saying.

It wasn’t that long ago that today’s over-populated Washington suburbs were wonderful, if not terribly productive, farmland. Even up to 40 years ago, super malls like Tyson’s Corner had to demolish barns and feed stores to make way for the likes of Bloomingdales and multi-tier parking garages.

Still the old day’s and ways are not forgotten.

Man and pigsDriving down the main street in Falls Church recently I noticed a statue of a farmer feeding his pigs. Investigation informed me that the statue was erected by the family of mega auto dealer Don Beyer in 1985.

Seems the Beyers started out raising pigs on a farm in nearby McLean…which is home to Tyson’s Corner by the way. The Beyers certainly got out of pigs at the right time but they weren’t about to forget their roots! So this tribute to their humble beginnings stands on West Broad where all the city folk can admire and take their pictures.

Cow PainitngContinuing our tour for art lovers of a rural bent…not six blocks away from the pigs a chic coffee house displays paintings from area artists. And there in a prominent place next to the door hangs this portrait. Wooz would say she has kind eyes.

I should say “hung this portrait”. Since I first saw this painting two weeks ago it had been sold. Next thing you know they’ll be raising V-Gardens around here.