Our government, here to protect us….

by David

….The New York Times discovers the antibiotic menace.  Of course, years after the problem first surfaced.

This article is revealing on several accounts:

First, the most recent warning from the FDA was published in February but no one noticed until a public service group publicized it.  The government didn’t do much to spread the word.

Second, the inevitable professor of agriculture at a major university—Minnesota—jumps in to defend Big Ag.

Third, the prof lets the cat out of the bag.  The antibiotics are used to “keep cows healthy”…not to cure a sick cow.  A cow on pasture is as healthy a creature as there is.  It is only when you feed them grain, confine them, and otherwise treat them unnaturally that they get sick.  The antibiotics are required as a preventative.


Thanks to Ed Taylor for the link.