A light at the end of the tunnel….

by David

….signaling the demise of ethanol?

The corn-based product has been probably the worst fraud environmentalists have inflicted on us.  Ethanol is more of a pollutant than the gasoline it’s supposed to help clean up.  And meeting the so-called “demand” has driven up the price of corn to the point where it’s caused starvation in the rest of the world…and food riots.

I put the word “demand” in quotes because there’s no real demand….just a government mandate.  Fuel companies have been ordered to use more ethanol than they need or buy “ethanol credits”.  (A Texas sharpie was recently convicted of selling credits for an ethanol plant that existed only in his imagination.  Bilked companies out of more than 40-million bucks.)

Of course, since most cattlemen feed corn to their cows, it pushes up the cost of meat (not to mention breakfast cereals).  And despite the fact that corn farmers can’t find enough places to put all the money they’re making…thus the huge run-up in farm land prices in the desert…the government continues to subsidize corn.

Finally, a few lawmakers have decided to risk the wrath of the politically-correct and cut off the money machine.  Well, some of it anyway.