None dare call it Big Ag….

by David

….or Big Government, for that matter.

The giant hog farms are in the midst of a desperate struggle to save their piglet crop.  Reuters is reporting a devastating virus has now hit about 200 farms in a dozen states and is spreading.  No one is estimating how many piglets have died but the mortality rate is apparently about 50%.

Bigger pigs are affected too….and while they really don’t have a handle on the situation….the folks in the government are quickly assuring us that pork is safe to eat.  Whatever their other sins, the members of the Unholy Alliance has its press releases close at hand.  Here’s the link:

Industrial Ag raises pigs in this country as it raises chickens: in big confinement barns.  Huge amounts of antibiotics are fed in an only partly-successful effort to keep the animals alive.  But once in awhile things get out of hand.  Like now.

Wasn’t it just the other day that Smithfield, in announcing its sale to a Chinese company, said the Chinese shared Smithfield’s commitment to quality, healthy pork?  We note that this same disease has killed millions of Chinese piglets in their quality, healthy factory farms.