Jolly good show!

by David

It certainly was for our English friends and partners, Joy and Angus Cottey.  Their young cow, Garradon Fuschia, won top honors at the British Society’s recent national show.  Not only was Fuschia the champion cow, but grand champion as well, besting all the bulls in the competition.  That doesn’t happen very often.

Angus and Joy are a wonderful couple and great fun to be around.  She’s a midwife and he is a “copper”.  An earlier bull of theirs, Cutcombe Jaunty, a champion in his own right, plays a key role in our breeding plans and his calves are already here at Thistle Hill.

Fuschia, by the way, was sired by Gavin Hunter’s Tilbrook Fireworks.  Gavin is another of our English colleagues and so congratulations to him as well.

Incidentally, we have to admit that in all our time in England we’ve never heard anyone say “jolly good show”.  Just seemed appropriate for this post.