Getting to know you….

There’s a great chance coming up for Devon breeders and would-be Devon breeders to get to know each other.  It’s a meeting in South Carolina not affiliated with either of the breed associations…just people getting together to talk about and look at Devon.

The get-together will be June 16th at the Wagner Ranch in Rock Hall, South Carolina.  There will be a program, though, featuring Jeremy Engh of Lakota Ranch and Gearld Fry of Artisan Beef and they’ll be talking about improving the quality and marketability of your herd.  Dr. Randall Hinshaw, an embryologist, will detail the ins and outs of embryo work.

The day wraps up with a tour of the Brattonsville Historical Plantation.  To make sure there’s enough food for lunch, you’re asked to email before June 5th:  darcywagner@gmail.com.

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