Bulls,  Cows

What is truly rewarding….

….is helping people getting started in Devon.  Here, Linda Hendrix of Pacolet, South Carolina welcomes a young Thistle Hill bull to her farm.  THF W31 was accompanied by four pregnant cows, two with calves, on the 10 hour trailer ride from Virginia.  Most of the time was spent in the Friday afternoon, Memorial Day weekend rush hour around Charlotte.  But now Linda and her son, Dr. John Hendrix, are on their way with what we might call a “Thistle Hill starter herd”.

This is the view from the breakfast room window as, from this moment forward, Linda starts her day.  A perfect Carolina morning.

The Hendrix had not really planned to buy a bull this soon but they’re the third visitors we’ve had recently who were smitten by our crop of young bulls.  We are proud to plant a little bit of Thistle Hill, Virginia, deeper in Dixie!

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