I’m from the government and I’m here to help you….

by David

We try to keep politics out of our blogging….we really try.  But the #&*@! pointy-headed bureaucrats are doing it again.

They’re about to promulgate a regulation which would make it illegal for us to have our grandchildren join us in working on the farm.   From the time they’re able, some of our grandkids love to help out; others aren’t interested.  They all want to drive the 4-wheeler, of course, and will do any chore that involves that.

Sorry kids….the Obama Administration says Grandpa is trying to kill you.  Please watch the following.  I know it’s crazy Fox News and all that…and the comments go “off the wall”….but still watch, please.


Now about “rules”:  You can believe they’re already written in stone by the time they get this far.  “Public comment” is a joke; Congressional opposition is useless.  This is a done deal.  To borrow a phrase:  “the government is making war on grandkids”!

To further elaborate.  Several times, at the urging of Big Agriculture, the government—Republicans and Democrats alike—have pushed for a national animal identification system.  It sounds good.  Only thinking of insuring safe good and all that.

But it doesn’t.  The danger to your food is in the feed lot and at the slaughter houses.  It is in the way food is produced.  But instead of cleaning that up, it’s easier to put a phoney band-aid on the problem and demand that all animals be registered—-every our cats—and we report whenever they move.

Three times this rule has been put out of comment…and I don’t know how many times it has been submitted as a proposed law….and every time it has been defeated.  But now it’s being put into effect anyway.

Of course, Big Ag won’t pay like we will.  Big Ag will have a blanket fee which works out to pennies per animal.  And they move thousands of cows at a time; all on one report.

Here at Thistle Hill we have five main pastures that are separated by roads or other property.  We also work with four other folks and graze our cows with them.  There are scores of moves among all nine entities every year and now we’ll have to report every one…even if only one animal is involved….and pay!

And it gets more ridiculous than that.  Our pastures are owned separately by different family members and the fences often divide the property.  So when we move our cows (as we do every day) from one pasture to the we will have to report….and pay!

But you ain’t heard nuttin’ yet.  Over the years, son, Church and daughter, Carolyn, have each bought property across from the family farm.  And they’ve put up fences that don’t trace the actual, legal property lines.  So we will be required to stay up nights and track our cows as they move from one part of the pasture to the other, file a report on each move…..and pay!

All of these regulations are the work of people that don’t understand how a business works…and, I must say, how life works!

I don’t know about the “war on women”, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the government I’m helping pay for is making war on me.  And you, if you care about local, healthy meat!