Driving a steak (sic) through the heart….

by David

….of the fat and cholesterol nonsense.

This week’s Dr. Joseph Mercola column sums up all the recent research on saturated fats and cholesterol and concludes we’ve been “had”.  Natural saturated fats are great for you….and so are high cholesterol numbers!  What?

The real villain, of course, is sugar!

So who sold us the bill of goods?  To quote Mercola:

With regard to heart health, nutrition policy has been derailed over the past half-century by corporate greed, political agendas, and bad science

  • A new meta-analysis involving a half million people found that those eating more saturated fats do NOT have more heart disease than those eating less
  • Cholesterol is critical for building your cell membranes, interacting with proteins inside cells, regulating your cell signaling and other biological processes

Here’s the whole story but note: you may have to scroll down through blank space to get at it.  At least on my computer it was true.


With all the evidence, it is remarkable how little of it has seeped into the public consciousness.  Almost every day someone tells me they’re cutting back on red meat because of the fat.