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Second pass…

…after a 45-day rest period, we’re bringing the main herd to where we started six weeks ago. The clover stand predominates…probably 60-70%. Church took the phrase “overseeding” too literally last winter. We may adjust paddock size this time around. We could use more trampling effect. Again trampled grass is particularly beneficial in the hot weather […]

Did you know that grass-fed beef is one of the top ten sources of tryptophan?

I have to confess that I didn’t know that grass fed beef is on the top ten list for sources of tryptophan…I always think of turkey. Tryptophan is the amino acid that goes on to become serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone which is low in depression, and melatonin, which helps us sleep at night. Other sources […]

Eat. More. Fat.

….they’re having the same difficulty in England as here in the States….breaking down the “settled science” that fat makes you fat.  In fact, the right fat makes you thin…and healthy.

What is it about the Amish….

…..their life-style is not for everyone…but we certainly pay a price for our “progress”.  Thanks to Lois Aylestock of Blue Ridge Meats for the link. People always laugh at them, but they are the only people that don’t get CANCER

Forty years too late….

….just think of all the hamburger you didn’t eat (trying to be good).  A University of Minnesota study back in the 70s demonstrated that you can lower your cholesterol by cutting back on beef alright.  But the people with the higher cholesterol actually lived longer.  The old study was just discovered and published.   More settled […]

If you read only one thing today….

….it’s this on the jockeying for new nutrition guidelines.  And if time is limited read the last paragraph. Or if it’s really limited, here’s the last paragraph: There’s no shortage of lessons here, well beyond this food fight. Even when everyone’s intentions are good, politics can get in the way of science. Scientists are not […]

The case for Thistle Hill….

….meat and animals.  Dr. Joseph Mercola sums up the four major threats to your health eating most foods you buy in restaurants and supermarkets.  Despite the growing stack of evidence to the contrary, the government is making it easier and easier for Big Ag to poison you….and our land and water. Thistle Hill never uses […]

Calories in – calories out….

….another writer says not so fast. This is the latest in a series of stories de-bunking the long-held perceived wisdom on dieting.  Along the way it also questions that government’s past nutritional advice, which has left us a nation of unhealthy, overweight zombies.  My only other comment is I must be subconsciously thinking it’s time […]

Well finally….

….a major scientific team has surfaced the news that, until now, has been known to only a few: the reason why Americans spend more and more on drugs and are sicker and sicker is due to what we eat.  And what we eat, in almost everything is:  Sugar!  

Don’t let this get around….

….an explosive statement by a Boston University professor- physician-cancer expert: A low carb-high fat diet is as effective in treating cancer as chemotherapy.  So why isn’t it prescribed?  According to this man, simply because “there’s no money in it.”  If Dr. Thomas Seyfried is right, we’re going to have to add Big Cancer to our […]