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The war against red meat…

…seems to have gathered some steam in recent years. Undoubtedly there’s new…and serious…money (Bill Gates) behind the campaign.

We haven’t given much thought to what has always seemed like a religious cult…but here’s an Australian who confirms what I only suspected.

Vegetarianism goes way back in history but really only flourished near the end of the 19th century when it attracted the attention of the 7th Day Adventists…and yes (following the money) Big Businessmen in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Their business was cereal…does the name Kellogg ring a bell?  In fact there were about 100 cereal manufacturers in the new industry…all centered in Battle Creek…and all now Adventists and vegetarians.

That group of people and their hired nutritionists sold America a bill of goods on the proper diet.  Remember the food pyramid?  The “scientific wisdom” was grains are good…meat is bad.

You can read some of the history here – Red meat under attack


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