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And that’s the way it is…..

….although no one is the Ag community talks about it.  Health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola blows the whistle in the practice of dumping sewage sludge on pastures and crop lands. Several farms have down this in our area despite the serious concerns that have been raised about the practice.  In our experience, the pastures look […]

Everybody knows that….

…..but did you know why most of the grass fed beef you buy in the store….or on-line….is not raised in the United States?  And did you know an examination of  beef carcasses shows a residue of more than 200 drugs…not to mention heavy metals? These are just a few of the facts Dr. Joseph Mercola […]

Look up chutzpah….

….and you’ll find the Monsanto logo. The evil genius of this gigantic corporation is demonstrated anew with its campaign to co-opt the National Honeybee Day.  Bees, like butterflies, have rapidly been disappearing from the planet…a critical threat to growers around the world. As reported by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Monsanto moved in (as it has into the […]

Driving a steak (sic) through the heart….

….of the fat and cholesterol nonsense. This week’s Dr. Joseph Mercola column sums up all the recent research on saturated fats and cholesterol and concludes we’ve been “had”.  Natural saturated fats are great for you….and so are high cholesterol numbers!  What? The real villain, of course, is sugar! So who sold us the bill of goods?  […]

A chance to see “Cereal Killers”….

….the producers of this excellent movie have made it available on-line through July 4th. “Cereal Killers” graphically demolishes the myth that you have to cut out the fat or you’ll get fat.  We ran into some “believers” in the notorious Food Pyramid this past weekend selling introductory packages of burger at the local Ruritan Park. […]

Something else not added to Thistle Hill meat….

….another warning about the weed killer that is killing you:  glyphosate.  It’s everywhere….in fact, I see garden sprays actually bragging on the label in big letters that it’s in their mix. I think it is also important to mention in connection with those industry studies which “prove” that genetically-modified foods are safe”.  One thing those […]