An ah-ha moment…

by David

…when you finally try leaf lard. I’ve been procrastinating for at least 15 years…ever since we added pigs at Thistle Hill…but we’ve waited long enough.

Leaf lard is a particularly pure fat found only around the pork loin and kidneys. Carefully rendered it makes the very highest quality cooking fat, prized by bakery chefs.

The leaf lard is colorless and tasteless…nothing “porky” about it. Son-in-law Bill Rozett…the family’s world class baker…decided to try it first with crust of a chicken pot pie.

As they say on Facebook: OMG! It is flaky beyond compare! The “ah-hah” moment indeed.

True confession: I was never much of a fan of pork until we started to raise our own. There is no comparison between pasture-raised pork and what you are forced to buy at the supermarket.

I urge you to try some from a farmer or farmers market near you. That is if Thistle Hill isn’t convenient.


Jar of Leaf Lard
Photos by Linda Rozett
Chicken Pot Pie
Photos by Linda Rozett
Bowl of Chicken Pot Pie
Photos by Linda Rozett