All too brief….

by David

….we’ve just returned from a trip to England to visit our friends and partners in Traditional English Devon™.  As always, the friendship was warm and (progress of sorts) the beer was cold!

Then the icing on the cake: we found two cows and a bull that fit perfectly in our program.  There’s all sorts of bureaucratic red tape and multiple health tests to go, but it is exciting to be planning (and dreaming) again.

It was also sad to see that three of our cooperating herds have or will soon be closing down.  But it underscores our belief in the importance of Traditional Devon; to save the purist genetics possible.

Grandson Church made the trip with us and is now as excited about English Devon and English farmers as we are.  He served as photographer this time and we now have about 300 photos to sort through.

Just to whet your appetite (or should it be “wet”?), here’s a picture that Juliet Cleave of Kew  Ruby Red Devons took before we arrived.

Devon cow & suckler calf