From Canada to the Gulf of Mexico….

by David

….you’ll find Thistle Hill genetics!20150531_14

A group of six of our heifers…two bred and these four just yearlings…were loaded for the trip to Canada just before dark last night.  Grandson Church Matthews and Duane Ard are shepherding them on board.

The last little one did need a helping hand from20150531_16 Church.  It was a high step.  In the background is Ontario cattleman John Moelker who not only purchased our heifers but a bull from Lakota Ranch, which is nearby.

Getting advance approval for the import and export papers was a bureaucratic nightmare and even involved re-testing the animals for brucellosis.  Turns out the Canadians don’t recognize the American test so it had to be redone using their protocol.  And while their form has plenty of blank spaces, they also wanted the heifers to have travel papers of their own.

But it all final got straightened out and we can make the claim (alright, the boast) “from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico”.  We thank all of you for your confidence in Thistle Hill.