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Happy Valentine’s Day….

Thanks to our Cornwall Valentine…Juliet Cleave….for the picture from her Facebook page.

A year end report….

….not from us, but from our English colleague and Cornwall correspondent, Juliet Cleave.  Juliet and husband Chris are partners in our Traditional Devon™ project and in recent years their hard work has vaulted their Kew herd to the very top of Devon farms…anywhere. This year-end video doesn’t begin to do Kew Devons justice….but will give […]

Recharging our batteries – 4….

….took us next on our annual sabbatical deep into Cornwall….land of Doc Martin…and Poldark…and Juliet Cleave.  Juliet’s infectious high spirits captivated us on our very first bus ride in the area.  (she was the local tour director) So it was pre-ordained that we’d invite her and her husband, Chris, to join our Traditional Devon™ group. Speaking of […]

All too brief….

….we’ve just returned from a trip to England to visit our friends and partners in Traditional English Devon™.  As always, the friendship was warm and (progress of sorts) the beer was cold! Then the icing on the cake: we found two cows and a bull that fit perfectly in our program.  There’s all sorts of […]

Now you have seen everything….

….in England, pink wrap for hay bales….part of the breast cancer awareness campaign. Thanks to Juliet Cleave of Kew Herd in Cornwall for the picture.  

Ladies in Beef….

….is an organization in England  which promotes beef consumption…and our very own Juliet Cleave is right in the center of things (as usual).  Right now they’re doing a television campaign plugging roasts as an easy mid-week meal. What could be better than a roast in the crockpot….toss in whatever you find in the refrigerator and […]

The Pied Piper of Cornwall….

Juliet Cleave leads her heifers (there were 10 in trail) to the camera.  All of our English colleagues seem to have wonderful addresses: Lower Trewigget, St. Teath, Bodmin

Stop 3….

….Juliet and Chris Cleave continue to make great strides with their beautiful herd.  Juliet has joined the British Devon Society’s Council (Board) and is now hard at work planning next year’s world Devon conference in England. As we mentioned in our previous post, Bywood Jasper has several sons “assigned” to Traditional Devon’s English partners. Bywood […]

A sure sign of Spring….

….in England, our Cornwall Correspondent and her husband, Chris, have just turned out their heifers after wintering in their shed.  A beautiful set of animals! Can’t wait to get over there to walk in all that green grass.  Just one more month to wait!

Be my Valentine….

….romance in bloom on Juliet and Chris Cleave’s pastures in Cornwall.