Young cattleman of the year….

by David

…if you’ll permit a proud Grandpa to brag. Grandson Church has just been named one of the 12 outstanding young cattlemen of the year by the leading grass fed organization in the country.

The Grass Fed Exchange will salute the 12 young men and women at their annual meeting in Santa Rosa, California in April.

Grandson Church and David

The Grass Fed Exchange is an organization of regenerative farmers, processors and food experts dedicated to producing the highest quality meat and dairy products on grass. Each year they give full fellowships to promising young men and women starting out in the field of sustainable grass farming.

Church manages our Thistle Hill herd of 34 purebred Devon cows plus 22 (so far) calves, 16 yearlings and 13 bulls on 400 acres of pastures and woodlands. That’s a big job and an enormous responsibility for a person at any age. So yes, his parents and I are proud of him. And appreciate the Grass Fed Exchange recognition of Church and all the winners.

I’m convinced regenerative agriculture is the wave of the future and (to mix metaphors) Church and his young colleagues are on the cutting edge! It is an exciting future!