Thistle Hill Alumni…Tennessee Chapter….

by David

….we’re always gratified to see how Regina and Tom Tesnow take our genetics to the next level.  Their Tomina Farm in Waynesboro, Tennessee probably has more Thistle Hill cows…and their progeny…than we do.  Well, not quite.  And they’ve blended to some other great lines, particularly Bill Roberts’ 12 Stones Grassland Beef.

Their first big catch was our THF Magic, followed by THF Casino, the brother of our herd bull, Jackpot.  (You beginning sense there’s a theme, here?)  And now, with the real test of a bull, Regina has sent us pictures of Casino‘s progeny.  We’ve included two of his bull calves below.  (We’re currently out of bulls so we suggest you go shopping at Tomina Farms….fast!)

Pictured l – r:  Vegas, Gambler, and their sire, Casino  (updated)