Customer comments….

by David

AdobePhotoshopExpress_7ce9d31c423643af83f3f9cc5465f0c6Lori S….

“❤ it!  Best sausage gravy ever!”  And Lori included a picture.  How about the recipe?  Lori “tried” our sausage and has now ordered a half pig.

Lindsay S….

“My husband absolutely loves the sausage.  His all-time favorite!”

Now about Thistle Hill beef:

Dr. Elizabeth M….

“You have the best meat in town.  I love promoting your farm in my waiting room.”

If you haven’t ordered your beef and pork for the Fall, don’t delay.  We have just a half-pig available plus a limited number of Beef Boxes and Pork Paks.

Pigs are priced starting at $6 per pound with added charges for smoking and for links and patties.  Pork Paks are $7.50 for a 10-pound variety package.  Beef Boxes are $7.50 for a 15-pound variety package.

Once this selection is spoken for, there’ll be no more meat until next year.