The Rotokawa renewal…

by David

…takes a big jump with the purchase of about 100 straws of the top bulls ever produced by Ken McDowall.

They’re all here…688, 667, 982 and all the others in a purchase Church just concluded with veteran breeder Don Minto in Rhode Island.  Don was in the group that first imported Rotokawa heifers and his Watson farm was a showplace for the Devon breed.

When he and Heather decided to downsize, we jumped at the chance to purchase his collection.  It included not only the Rotokawa greats but probably the most famous English bull of all: Potheridge President and his son President’s Favorite.

To have this much firepower at our call is a breeder’s dream and we will be leaning on Ken, as we have through the years, to get this right.

We also are indebted to Don and Heather Minto for entrusting this valuable collection of Rotokawa semen to us.  And we are in their debt for the first Rotokawa bull we ever purchased, Watson.  We date the blossoming of our herd to Watson.  And the wisdom and friendship of the Mintoes over the years is something we will always treasure.

So with this one purchase we’ve renewed our commitment to two historic herds…Rotokawa and English Devon.