End of an era…

by David

…with the auction of the Goldings herd in Cornwall, England.  Ivan Rowe, our partner in securing the fine English genetics, passed away last fall and this past weekend his incredible animals were auctioned.

Ivan, David and cow – Photo by Wooz Matthews

Back in 2010, Ivan gave us the pick of his herd…to breed and flush.  The cow I selected was Norah 21 and Ivan smiled when I made my choice.  He had already pulled her pedigree out from his herd book and it was laying there alone on the dining room table when we went inside.

Norah comes from a long line of champions…more than 40 when we stopped counting.  Her background includes sires from both the historic Clampit and Potheridge herds.

Norah’s progeny are on the ground now at Thistle Hill.  T35 below is her son (see “Standing by…”) and will be used with our heifers soon.

Norah stands with Tilbrook Cashtiller as the foundation of our English herd.  RIP mate.