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The one that got away…

…almost.  Some years ago we were very pleased with our Sunset bulls from Gavin Hunter ‘s Tilbrook Herd in England.  So were others and one day we realized we had sold the last of the blood line.

Thanks to AI tanks we have just solved the problem.  Church found some Sunset semen in an old Folly Farm tank and Sunset is back on our pastures…in the form of this three-month old bull calf.

Bull Calf - three months old

Making this an all the more exciting mating…we AI-ed Sunset to our new young Tulip cow.  She’s from the Ashott Barton herd in England.

We’ve barely finished this year’s calving and it’s already time to start planning the timing for the next round of embryo and ai pairings.

And we ear-marked some of our rare semen for live embryo transfers!  We’ll be flushing at Rose Hill Veterinary clinic in Little Washington and rushing the embryos back to the recips timed and waiting at Thistle Hill!  Stay tuned!


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