The next generation….

by Carolyn Matthews

Carolyn Matthews

Carolyn Matthews

…weighs in with the blog just below: “Monsanto gets its due”…signed Carolyn.

Carolyn Matthews is my late wife’s daughter and she reminds me of Wooz in many ways. Thistle Hill has been the family farm since the 1940s and now Carolyn is the “head honcho”.

Unfortunately she is one of those modern women who has to juggle a family with the farm and a demanding career. She has a medical practice to take care of as a cancer surgeon at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas and is also founder and director of Baylor’s integrative medicine center. She also writes and travels widely to make speeches.  And yes she does use Devon cow pictures in her presentations.

But she also does punch cows and drive a tractor and fix fences ! Now if I could only get my grandson Church to contribute to the blog. But he has his hands full running the farm, filling in at the family appliance store, Tolson’s Appliance Center in Warrenton, and studying for a master’s degree in biology.

Forgive me for bragging but it’s not really bragging since I supplied neither the genetics nor the environment. They just came with the deal for Wooz! No one told me sitting on the sidelines would be this much fun!