Heifers to go…

by David

…this is the start of my favorite time of the year. The air becomes less humid, the leaves are turning and in the mornings there’s a new calf on the ground. We calve in the autumn here in steamy Virginia because it’s easier on mom and baby…surer-rebreeding too on mostly fescue.Forelle Calf

This little girl is just a few hours old…pure English genetics…at John Forelle’s farm in New York. She’s out of a Cutcombe Jaunty mother and sired by Tilbrook Sunset. John of course was one of the original partners in Traditional Devon America and while retired he maintains a few Devon cows.

Thistle Hill Farms HeiferAnd here, waiting out the last few weeks before delivery, is a two-year old plus heifer in our Tilbrook Cashtiller line. I think Cashtiller was the best female I’ve ever seen…here or in England. She won every show she ever entered and three years in a row her bull calves topped the English sales.

While there’s a hold on Traditional Devon cows for a few more years we have been using the English bulls on our regular herd with great results. The heifer just above is the daughter of TDA Victory and TDA 4.

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