The chemical arms race…

by David

…. was going to call this post “GMO Roundup” (pun intended).

But it really is chemical warfare right on the farmlands of the United States.  It all started with Monsanto developing a powerful herbicide, “Roundup”.  The trouble was, Roundup not only killed weeds, it killed the corn.

Not to worry, then Monsanto developed Roundup-resistant seeds and today most of the major crops come from those seeds—corn, soybeans, sugar beets—in all, about 165-million acres of GMO crops.  But then a new crop developed:  weeds; weeds that were resistant to Roundup.

Again, Monsanto was ready with the answer:  more powerful Roundup.  And of course, what happened was the weeds kept up with modern science and today our croplands are threatened by millions of acres of weeds.

Then, another giant chemical company rushed to the rescue.  Dow Chemical came up with corn seeds able to resist an even more powerful corn seed, so more powerful Roundup can be sprayed on the fields.

You will be reassured to know—in fact, that’s the name of the bill in Congress, the Farmers Assurance Bill—that the government is on top of this.  Why the man President Obama appointed to be the Administration’s watchdog knows all about Monsanto, Roundup, and GMO.  He should.  He’s a former top Monsanto executive.  He came through the revolving door a while back and, when the time comes, will certainly go through in the other direction.

Why should we care?  Well, first because nobody really knows what danger lurks in the genetics of GMO foods.  We do know they’ve been banned in Europe.  We do know they contain very worrisome virus.  And we certainly know the dangers of the millions of gallons of pesticide poured onto our food.

Now, we also learn that animals raised on this GMO feed are having fertility problems.  (Not Thistle Hill animals; they’re entirely grass fed)  And if the cows are having problems, it’s in the meat you’re buying at the supermarket.

When you think of this nation’s health problems, you might want to think about all this.  And the government you’re counting on to protect you.

Certainly this is a superficial once-over of the GMO picture.  Below are several links should you wish to read more on the subject: