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Solving the problem…Pt 2…

…well it’s a band-aid anyway.

The numbers are in on using our own trees to make-up for the shortage of board fencing at the local coop.

Thanx to a neighbor with a portable sawmill we were able to turn six trees…oak, walnut and cherry into high grade lumber.  Garrett Heydt was the man with the saw and he did an excellent job.

When finished we had 700 feet of oak boards and six 4”x6” twelve foot beams…just those beams paid for the fencing we won’t be needing not to mention the beautiful walnut and cherry we sawed into planks.  The cherry in particular seemed to us to be furniture-grade.  But the portable saw couldn’t handle a piece this wide for the final milling.

Here’s some of the final product.

Final product

Sadly, while Thistle Hill has about 200 acres of woodland, the overall quality is not as good as these first harvested.  But this is an encouraging early step in our constant drive to be self-sufficient. 


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  • Anne Derousie

    Hi David,

    Karel and I have been meaning to contact you for way too long. We really enjoyed Church’s visit last Fall. We had a very nice visit. Just hoping you are doing well. Sounds like the farm is prospering which is good to know. Take Care, Anne & Karel Adventureland Farm

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