Satisfied customers….

by David

….and yes we are continuing to offer a limited amount of grass fed beef. If you want to be on our mailing list write:

In the 13 years we’ve been raising Devon the market has really exploded. When we began, Wooz and I would carry a booth around and explain the health benefits and offer samples. About year 5 we realized the people standing on the other side of the table knew as much or more than we did about the selling points of our product. And we’d sit quietly while they’d explain it to each other.

Since then the grass fed market has grown from $15-million annually to $270-million about 15% of total beef sales. Now of course the Big Boys have gotten or are getting into the act.  And a major bull producer—-Kit Pharo—-is going into a partnership with Walmart to sell grass fed beef.

I have mixed feelings about that. Kit and his partners produce excellent, moderate-framed bulls. But what I question is if anyone can really raise thousands of animals and finish them on grass. This kind of thing needs loving, stress free care…not another industrial approach.

The farmer needs to keep a close eye on his animals and a closer eye on his grass.

Our cows at Thistle Hill…and those of many others…are not only raised on grass but finished on grass. There are no grain supplements or chemicals in the final months to meet a target weight, sufficient marbling and/or a shipping date.  There are no chemicals spread on our grass either.

We have always believed customers should know their farmers…local farmers. That’s why we don’t ship but provide an alternative to out-of-towners.

Recently Robyn L. of McLean ordered 10 pounds of burger and left the meat with her husband while she traveled to Florida for her mother’s birthday.
Phone Photo
Hubby couldn’t wait but grilled a couple of burgers for himself.
Even before cooking he was a fan, writing under the picture:
“These R going to B top notch!!!”

According to Robyn L. he wasn’t disappointed. Her subject line told it all: “Best burgers in the world!!!” She was hurrying home before he ate it all.

Finally (for the moment) I have to disagree with Kit….it is not the bull or even raising his calves on grass that makes a healthy and superior-tasting product. It is finishing them solely on grass and the right kind of grass.

Wine makers call it “terroir” and that’s what determines the flavor. Soil…grass…terroir…flavor. Know your farmer and know your terroir!