Business as usual…

by David

…that’s my report from Thistle Hill. After a year and a half I’m finally on my feet. But I won’t be chasing cows again. That will be up to my grandson, Church.

Church just graduated from Denison University with a degree in biology. He’s managing the farm and entering the master’s degree program at George Mason University.  He has a wonderful touch with animals and a good eye as well. He’s grown up with Devon and so he will be a formidable package as Thistle Hill goes forward.

Hopefully I can convince Church and his mother Carolyn to contribute to this blog. Carolyn’s schedule, as a cancer surgeon and director of Integrative Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center, doesn’t leave any spare time but her education and experience make her a tremendous asset for the Devon breed.

Wooz would be thrilled to see the way her family is taking hold. The Thistle Hill herd has never been stronger and we all invite you to visit.

Finally it would be remiss of me not to note the passing of Gearld Fry. Gearld more than anyone was the driving personality behind the revival of the Devon breed. As insiders know, we had our differences but I supported him, first nominating him to the board of the American Devon Association and then in founding the North American Devon Association.

He was a visionary…a dreamer…and a bit of a rogue. But always a delightful companion. Rest In Peace, Gearld.