The Rotokawa 243 family….

by David

….is beginning to make an impact on Devon herds in this country.  After a slow start due to the feud inside the Rotokawa partnership, things have settled down and now we expect a whole new shipment of 243 semen will be heading to Henry Hauptmann’s Rotokawa America.

Casino 006Regina and Tom Tesnow are justifiably proud of their 243 son….a product of Thistle Hill farm they have nick-named Casino.  Regina reports he’s been doing a wonderful job with her  Tomina Farm herd in Tennessee and you’ll be able to see him at the RedDevon USA meeting later this year.


JackpotCasino’s half brother Jackpot, another 243 son, is here at Thistle Hill and shares herd sire duties with a Rotokawa 974 off-spring and one of our English bulls.  Jackpot has been siring some nice heifers and we’re hearing good reports from other breeders.  So it appears the Rotokawa future is in good hands.