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Wooz’ favorite bull….

….currently away on a business trip.   He’s Traditional Devon’s™ Highwayman…one of our pure, traditional English bulls working with partner Bill Walker’s herd in South Carolina. Some of the “experts” consider this Frame One bull too small but not the lack of air between the stomach and the ground.  Highwayman is all meat…easy to maintain and […]

The Rotokawa 243 family….

….is beginning to make an impact on Devon herds in this country.  After a slow start due to the feud inside the Rotokawa partnership, things have settled down and now we expect a whole new shipment of 243 semen will be heading to Henry Hauptmann’s Rotokawa America. Regina and Tom Tesnow are justifiably proud of their […]

Where to begin….

….well, to coin a phrase, “start at the beginning”.  Posting has been non-existent for almost a month, but not because there’s been nothing to report.  It’s breeding season and Wooz here discusses strategy with our vet, Dr. Monica O’Brien. AI comes first, and we’re using two sires across some of our best cows:  Traditional Devon’s […]

243…the formal portrait…

….well, actually we liked the one we ran the other day, 243 fresh from work, splattered with mud and head covered with hay. But Ken McDowell cleaned him up so here’s New Zealand’s finest: Rotokawa 243. Ken’s not saying but that fact that he went to all this trouble and gussied him up and put a […]