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Just a quick tour…

…this past weekend.  (Warning: no pigs; they’re off at freezer camp) First stop the shipping pen where this four-year old bull is waiting for his ride to a commercial operation in southwest Virginia.  Clark Family farms have been good friends and customers for a number of years. The Clarks also selected one of our young […]

The Devon sale….

….we’ve had two inquiries about the prices at this past weekend’s Devon show and sale.  Eventually, we hope a complete report will be posted at the Red Devon USA website….but here are a few unofficial numbers. The top selling cow was Circle K Devons Mary, a six-year old daughter of Rotokawa 688.  She brought $11,500 […]

The annual Devon meeting….

….was held at Jacob and Jenny Owens’ beautiful “Brookview Farm” in Kentucky thoroughbred company.  And the Owen’s more than hold their own in that high-powered company. The 600-acre farm is home to about 50 mama cows so, as one of the visitors put it,  stocking density is not a problem.  Calving season had just begun, […]

The Rotokawa 243 family….

….is beginning to make an impact on Devon herds in this country.  After a slow start due to the feud inside the Rotokawa partnership, things have settled down and now we expect a whole new shipment of 243 semen will be heading to Henry Hauptmann’s Rotokawa America. Regina and Tom Tesnow are justifiably proud of their […]

Coming out of the chute….

….a young lady at the recent joint meeting of the two Devon associations in North Carolina.  She’s sitting on top of a Lenoir Creek Devon which was used in a demonstration.  (Yes, they really are gentle!) The two associations did finally decide to bury the hatchet and merge as one under the new name “Red […]