The annual Devon meeting….

by David

20140928_119….was held at Jacob and Jenny Owens’ beautiful “Brookview Farm” in Kentucky thoroughbred company.  And the Owen’s more than hold their own in that high-powered company.

The 600-acre farm is home to about 50 mama cows so, as one of the visitors put it,  stocking density is not a problem.  Calving season had just begun, adding both fun and an extra educational opportunity.


The 100-plus attendees included quite a few new faces. If any scene typifies a Devon meeting, it is Gearld Fry (in yellow shirt) lecturing from a wagon bed about the proper cow.


Among the listeners was Jacob’s herd, which crowded close and were rewarded to hear that their thymuses (thy-mi?) were in good working order.  It’s a testimony to Jacob’s stockmanship  20140928_136                     that not only the cows but the new babies were so comfortable    among the strangers.


But the bulk of the education duties fell to the next generation: Guille Yearwood and Jeremy Engh led a discussion on finishing steers and Jeremy handled sessions on processing new calves and another on DNA.


There’s no doubt this meeting set Red Devon USA on a constructive course.  It’s been many years since Devon breeders have been so unified and optimistic about the future.