Return of the Pork Pak….

by David

10314772_734310729958910_5252591578168908729_n[1]….a last minute cancelation of a whole pig, makes it possible for us to sell 10-pound Pork Paks….again….briefly.  The demand for our pigs has moved us to offering just halves and wholes….but for as long as they last, the 10 pound package is back and costs just $75!

The Pork Pak includes 5 lbs of a variety of sausage, pork chops, hams steaks, and bacon.  Yes, bacon.  Like our beef, our pork is raised on pasture….is entirely drug free…and even the corn we feed is non-GMO!

All this reminds me of two things:

First, the picture.  Our website is repeated on Facebook and on occasion someone posts something there that does not appear here.  The “Tamworth Bacon Salad” for instance was posted by our son and it is by far the most popular thing that has ever appeared there.  You may write us for the recipe.

Second, for those who are interested in our meat, we put out a monthly newsletter.  If you want to be on our mailing list, just drop us a note.  In addition to selling stuff, we try to say something interesting from time to time.