Parade of cows…

by David

…time to get back to business with a quick look at our main herd.

Thistle Hill Farm Cows
Photo by Curt Humphreys

Leading the way to fresh grass is an English pure traditional Devon, TDA 5. She was originally assigned to our partner John Forelle’s care.

The cow right behind is an American Devon whose tag is illegible. But you can appreciate the uniformity. Our aim is to produce moderate-sized animals… ”sturdy” Wooz would call them…thick and deep to my eye.

Grandson Church will start breeding about Thanksgiving, starting with the heifers. A family meeting is scheduled soon to finalize the pairings.

The cows condition is (are?) just about perfect…a tribute to Church’s first year as herd manager. Quite a tough job combined with his post-graduate work in biology at nearby George Mason University. Great job on all fronts, Church!