Parade of bulls…G101…

by David

…is a pure traditional English calf just 10 months old.

G101 Thistlehill Farm Bull Calf

Again note the deep ruby red coat..a distinguishing feature of a pure Devon. G101 is a grandson of Ashott Barton Millenium Falcon who we spotted in Cornwall and is the bull that got us started in importing English genetics.

His dam is TDA 4…a cow that has produced for us consistently. She was a daughter of the famed English cow Tilbrook Cashtiller, who won three grand championships before retiring undefeated.

Cashtiller and Falcon are found throughout our herd now and we’re indebted to our English partners Gavin Hunter and Shiamala Comer for sharing their genetics with us.

Sadly many English breeders have succumbed to the “bigger is better” fever…crossing with Salers mostly…and so today an English cattleman has to look across the ocean to Thistle Hill for pure genetics.

One of our English partners this year just gave up in disgust and brought in an Angus, writing off the entire breeding season, hoping to find a rare pure traditional Devon next year.