Living in a resort…

by David

…that’s what my 18 years at Thistle Hill have felt like. The farm has been in the family a lot longer…almost 75 years.

And now a new generation…the fourth…is beginning to take hold.  Grandson Church Humphreys is managing our Devon cattle herd and showing the same appreciation for the setting in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia that his great-grandparents fell in love with.

Thistlehill Farm sunset

Cutting through the picture…and the farm…is the beautiful Rappahannock River…the stream legend has it George Washington threw a coin across. (Actually a pretty easy toss).

And no farm is complete without its fishing hole…and thanks to grandson Luis Gentry we’re well-stocked with large mouth bass perch, sunfish and crappies.

Thistlehill Farm Pond

Sorry fish caught at Thistle Hill is for family consumption only. But contact us for delicious, healthy grass fed beef and natural pasture raised pork.