One of those moods….

by David

….sometimes you just don’t feel like going out and feeding the pigs….and that’s when you get what might be called “off topic posts”.  Though as I confessed in my very first post, I have no idea just what the topic of this blog is.

I like this for the spirit and an insight to one of the many things going on that we never hear about.  The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders recently put together a music video for our troops in Afghanistan.

Some creative types over there took time out from “surviving” to respond with a video of their own….perfectly mirroring the cheerleaders.  Watch to see some young people enjoying themselves in dreadful conditions.  Or just watch it to look at pretty girls.  Turn up the sound.

And thank you troops for serving our country despite all the mixed signals we’re sending.

Thanks as well to Bill Roberts for the link.