Baring their “all”….or almost all….

by David

page 17[1]….a group of young farmers in southwest England got together  for an unusual concept for a fund-raiser: a nude calendar.  Don’t know what it is about the Brits and their nude calendars (remember the movie “Calendar Girls“?

In Devon circles, about as racy as we get is a calendar featuring cows…unclothed…but nevertheless still cows.  Warning:  we’re about to show one of the pages so if you are easily offended, go away and come back in a few days.

While you search for the “back button” we will fill with the report of the chap who put this all together.

Rob Willcoxm, Somerset County chairman and now known as Mr December, initially surprised the rally planning group by presenting his own snowy naked portrait at a fundraising ideas  meeting in the spring. After the giggles subsided Rob put out an open invitation for members 18 and over to take part in a photo shoot down on his farm near Wedmore.

Rob said: “I was unsure how  many young farmers would accept the challenge, but I shouldn’t have feared we had a shed full of naked people by mid morning. I think I can safely say we all know each other a little closer in the  committee now.”

page01[1]This is Miss January, though for her sake we trust the photo was taken when the hay was put up.  Yes, all the models are over the age of 18 and proceeds of the calendar sale go to charity.  Last year they raised £15,000!