Multiple blessings…

by David

…7, 8, 9!


These three came in a bunch a week ago.  But THF 7 was camera shy and we waited until we had pictures of all three.

THF 7 and 8 are bull calves…7 out of a cow in our American herd; 8 is traditional English.  So is 9…a smallish heifer.

All three were sired by our Essington bull…a proud graduate of Brian Drake’s legendary herd.  In addition to contributing his best cow to our partnership, Brian was always generous with his wisdom and hospitality.

For those who have asked:  we do raise our English and American animals together and will use an English bull with the American cows…but not the reverse.

A traditional Devon is horned and so we want to preserve those bloodlines.  But we understand many breeders prefer not to deal with horns…and so we have our American herd which draws from many of the leading cattlemen in this country.  And for those who want to introduce a little of the “real thing” into their program, we have crosses of English and American.